Single Passage Rotary Dryer Systems

   Drying is one of the most important processes in most industrial sectors. Rotary Dryer Systems are widely used in forest waste and residues, chemistry, mining, coal, agriculture, cattle manure, sheep manure, broiler manure, worm manure, poultry manure, biotechnology, food, polymer, ceramic, pharmaceutical, pulp, paper and wood processing industries. High efficiency, well-designed modern drying equipment is becoming increasingly important.

   Biomaksan Energy offers Rotary Drying Systems according to the needs of customers all over the world and designs single pass drying systems up to 2 Tonne / Hour capacity demands. Our drying systems can vary according to the raw material to be processed and can provide drying up to 10 tons / hour in a single drying system. Drying furnaces, consisting of three parts, destroys harmful gases and removes water vapor through the chimney system.

   Thanks to the flights design of the rotary dryer that designed specifically for each product, it is ensured that the material to be dried is exposed to hot air for the longest time possible. Our systems can reduce humidity rate of % 95 raw material down to 1%.