Pellet Machine

   The pellet fuel which is considered as Renewable Energy Source plays an important role in Energy Sector all around the world. Pellet, which plays an active role today, is obtained from many products, such as forest waste, branch wood parts, dust chips, chips, chip, roughing, cattle manure, sheep manure, broiler chicken manure, worm manure, poultry manure, mine wastes, textile wastes, herbal wastes, household waste, sewage sludge, agricultural wastes (straw, alfalfa, corn stalk, poppy stalk, barley, wheat, oats, grape garbage, etc.) and is used extensively in electricity production, fuel sector as source of energy and agriculture sector as soil fertilizer.

   After raw materials are dried down to 8% to 20% humidity rate, materials are pressed in Pellet Mill to produce pellet. Pellets may be be produced in different diameters (4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm). Parts of the pellet mill, such as rollers, ring or flat dies are designed according to the structure and the moisture rate of the raw material. After the pelletizing process, pellets are cut by cutter in desired lenght.

   Biomaksan Energy offers its pellet systems according to customer needs all around the world and makes pelletizing machines with special projects up to 3 Ton / Hour capacity according to the structure of the raw material. According to the capacity and raw material, power capacity of the machines vary and produced in 55 kW, 75 kW, 90 kW power capacity options. Thanks to our production philosophy; creating projects according to the needs of our customers and project-based manufacturing made Biomaksan Energy the leader in its Industry.