Grinding Systems

   The grinding line plays an important role in production of the Biomass fuels and especially used in the agricultural sector all over the world. Nowadays, many product groups, mainly forestry wastes, such as wood chips, chips, chip, roughing, manure such as cattle manure, sheep manure, broiler manure, worm manure, poultry manure, mine wastes, textile wastes, herbal wastes, household waste, sewage sludge, agricultural wastes (straw, alfalfa, corn stalk, poppy stalk, barley, wheat, oats, grape garbage, etc.). All products milled by grinding machines are used by the the industry as powder or production of pellets. It is used extensively in electricity production, fuel sector as source of energy and agriculture sector as soil fertilizer.

   The products to be powdered are transferred to the mill system by means of conveyors (helix, band, fan system) and can be produced in different capacities and sizes depending on the structure and humidity of the raw materials in various sizes determined according to the needs of the customer.

   Biomaksan Energy offers grinding mills according to customer needs around the world, and it makes specially designed grinding mill machines up to 8 ton / hour capacity. According to the capacity and the raw material that to be processed we use 37,5 kW, 45 kW, 55 kW, 75 kW, 90 kW power capacity. Thanks to our production philosophy; creating projects according to the needs of our customers and project-based manufacturing made Biomaksan Energy the leader in its Industry.