Flash Dryer System

   Drying is one of the most important processes in most industrial sectors. Flash (Jet) Drying Systems are widely used in forest wastes, chemical, mineral, coal, agriculture, fertilizer, biotechnology, food, polymer, ceramic, pharmaceutical, pulp, paper and wood processing industries. High efficiency, well-designed modern drying equipments are becoming extremely important.

   Biomaksan Energy provides Flash (Jet) Drying Systems around the world according to the needs of the customer and can be designed to dry raw material up to 750 KG / hour capacity. Our drying systems capacity may vary according to the raw material to be processed and can provide drying up to 1 Ton / hour in flash drying system. Drying furnaces, consisting of three parts, destroys harmful gases and removes water vapor through the chimney system.

   Thanks to the flash tube design specially designed for each product, it is ensured that the material to be dried is exposed to hot air for the optimum time. Our systems can reduce the moisture content of 50% moisture material down to 1%.