Drying Furnace

   The Drying Furnaces (Solid Fuel Furnace), which are produced specifically for the needs of our customers by Biomaksan Energy, consist of three main parts as combustion chamber, gas burning chamber (ash catching room) and fire barrier. Solid Fuels as pellet fuel, coal, nutshell etc. are fed to combustion chamber automatically to reach determined temperature in drying system. At the same time, in our drying furnace the products such as twig and wood pieces can be manually fed to combustion chamber to burn and produce heat.

   The flame breaking process is carried out by the fire barrier system of our drying stove and only the hot air is brought into contact with the raw material. Therefore, the risk of fire is destroyed and the product is subjected to drying at the desired temperature.

   If the product to be burned in the combustion chamber of our drying hob produces toxic gas, these toxic gases are transferred to the ash retention chamber by the secondary air fan and destroyed by burning. As a result of this combustion process, only water vapor is produced and discharged through the chimney system.